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Worldwide Symbolism Behind Rubies


Rubies are known for their vibrant, beautiful colouring, but aside from their visual appeal, there are many qualities that rubies are said to possess and represent that also make them a popular choice when it comes to selecting jewellery. Although they remain a hugely popular gemstone today, rubies have also been revered throughout time as far back as the ancient worlds, and it’s here that much of the symbolism and legend surrounding rubies originates from.


The Western World

In the western world, rubies are traditionally given as gifts for things such as milestone anniversaries, including 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. Seen as the stone of passion, love and raw emotion, they are characterised by a vibrant red hue which is also associated with love.


For this reason, they are often given to loved ones, particularly spouses as a token of love and devotion, and often paired with other precious stones, including in gold and ruby necklaces, and diamond ruby rings. As they have been a popular choice in the west for centuries, rubies are often seen in vintage jewellery, such as necklaces and vintage engagement rings.


Asian Culture

In many Asian cultures, however, although rubies are still a popular choice of gemstone, it’s for an entirely different reason. Rubies here are associated with wealth, fortune and protection. In some parts of China and India, rubies were historically used to ward off enemies, and so are often seen in vintage armour and even ancient weaponry of the noble elites. In addition to this, their association with prosperity and fortune have even seen them buried into the foundations of prominent buildings in order to promote the prosperity of any of the buildings’ occupants.


Ancient Burma

In ancient Burmese culture, rubies were said to have a strong affiliation with anyone who had risked their lives for a cause. For this reason, they were often given as prizes and gifts of honour to soldiers who had performed well in battle and shown great bravery.


They were then said to bestow protection and invulnerability on the wearer as a result of their prior bravery. Not content with simply wearing rubies, though, the gemstones were inserted under the skin of recipients to allow them to remain with them continuously and so that they could forever maintain their protection.


Historical symbology

Although rubies have been associated with similar meanings over time, they were also historically associated with the protection and accumulation of wealth. It was widely believed that wearing rubies and having them around the hope would help the owners’ to protect their estates and business interests, as well as helping them to accumulate more gemstones and other riches.


It was also believed that wearing rubies personally would protect the wearer, and that wearing them specifically on the left, the heart side, would mean that you’re able to live a peaceful life and protect them and their family from any peril.