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The Green Side Of White R&B

Stingray is the world-leading provider of multiplatform music products and services; available on TV, web, mobile and in commercial settings. I play Bass Trombone and I like others am curious if it is possible to double major in both Music Education as well Performance. Performing music — solo and with others — is something many people find incredibly fulfilling, regardless of whether they do it professionally.

When it tasted success, Peter roped in 2 additional business partners who were in the restaurant business to provide restaurant expertise to expand it into a full service diner. We have invited young and successfull music enterpreneurs to share their experience – manager and producer Karl Sirelpuu (Ewert and The Two Dragons tour manager, Elephants From Neptune manager) and musician Hando Jaksi (I Wear Experiment).business music

By taking summer music programs, you will not only enhance your proficiency on the clarinet but also get to as see how much time you really want to be spend in music. I want to become the music producer with a degree in music so that I’ll know exactly what I am doing.

Any artistic performance I have seen there has disappointed me. Even when I saw Blast there, well the ventilation system overwhelmed all of those brass players on the stage. They spend the majority of their time working at normal day jobs while keeping their music career as a side hobby.

Internships are especially important for working in any of the music industry/music business/technology/recording fields. Let’s see what this group of attorneys, music publishers, managers, and music industry entrepreneurs had to say. Now if you’re thinking that fund raising is just one more thing you’re going to have to add to your arsenal of music and ministry duties, well you might be music