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The Diversity Of Asian Music

I just love music……………………..and it is the most wonderful thing,and an expression of those people who can sing , write lyrics , create music or play any type of instrument are the great and talented ones.Because it is a natural gift to them. Indeed, the fetus in the womb begin to hear noises and voices of mothers from the 4th month (although headphone system completed by month 6). The medicine has studied and advised the mother to the fetus by applying herphone player in the abdominal wall through only a few seconds, the music stimulates the brain to alter fetal heart rate, metabolic changes and changes in the mechanics of the fetus.

Empty of ego, distraction, and doubt, one is able to give and express all, much like still water is able to reflect the sun and all above it. The musician becomes to music what a devotee is to God; thus paintings and poetry exist for the ragas just as they exist for Krishna and Rama, because this allows one to relate more to the ragas/gods and thus deepens the potential for identification with them.

I wanted to take this all as some crazed, romantic obsession -perhaps projecting some of my feelings about music on him – but the more and more I talked to him, in a constant effort to pry musical philosophy from his lips, I realized that his relationship with music was more fundamental to his very existence than this.

According to Levinson 56 , some of the qualitative rewards of sad music include savoring the feeling, understanding the feeling, reassuring oneself of the ability to feel intense emotions and sharing the sadness with others (in many cases the composer).nature music

That is as far as I went in three months, and progressively one gets into territory that requires increasingly sensitive ears20 and a disciplined voice, such as singing the srutis or microtones which add so much of the emotional richness to this music; though 22 notes in an octave is the general concept, one famous Drupad singer I spoke with sang 7 notes just between C# and D!nature music