The Bach Music Family – How Long Did They Remain Significant?

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Finger locks then again work great and are simply learned and nearly instinctive to apply. Palm heel strikes, knee strikes, elbow strikes, head butts, and eye gouges.

Body language means a lot and this stance seems to say: “Don’t come any closer” however truly means “Please come slightly nearer. Please”. As a student of “conventional” martial arts I was taught a protracted, deep entrance stance and a wide and deep horse stance.

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I would have the women apply the strikes in combination: Palm heel to the chin, knee to the groin, elbow to the neck, then a heel stomp to the top of the foot or some variant combination thereof. Then I would I would have them do the techniques till they dreamed about them. The last course of instruction is the applying of the methods.

I would educate them how to spit and the way to scream like a wounded bear. Not many people wish to get involved with somebody screaming for help. I would not clarify pressure level strikes, cross body meridian strikes, times of the Shichen, or yin/yang strikes. I would point out three or four easily accessible targets such because the eyes, the throat, the groin, the facet of the knee, and the highest of the foot. They all comprise points related to Chinese Medicine however understanding their names, how they relate to the diurnal cycle or the cycle of creation/destruction just isn’t necessary.

Protective suits are expensive but when I were to do that on a regular basis I would have one. Then I would send the ladies out into the night time, no matter weather or gentle circumstances and have them attacked by the sucker within the protective suit. Techniques must be of such a nature that they can be utilized beneath an actual attack.