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How To Set Up A Google Play Music Family Plan

An Apple Music family membership is a good deal price-wise, but don’t expect anything else. The path sequence model suggests that musical rituals contribute to both family and peer cohesions across the cultural contexts, whereas family cohesion facilitates emotional well-being in more traditional/collectivistic contexts Kenya and (to a lesser extent) in the Philippines, while peer cohesion seems to foster emotional well-being in secular/individualistic contexts New Zealand and Germany.

I tried to change my email over to my Gmail address so that I could share with my family and I couldn’t even do that, I am glad, as I have set up everything I use with my personal email I dont want to be dictated to. And now has come the time I want my son to listen to family

But, while there were a few glitches I noticed the first couple of times I opened the app, Apple Music on my iPhone and Mac appear to be retaining all my preferences after following & unfollowing some artists, and vice versa on my wife’s iPhone and Mac.

These first two troubleshooting steps helped me fix my issues signing up. Essentially, Family Sharing expects other family member’s devices to be logged in to their own iCloud ID. So if I’m the head of the household (say, serenity@), my boyfriend’s iPad needs to be logged into his account (rick@), not mine.

The effects of musical family rituals on emotional well-being (when also accounting for peer effects) occurred only in the two more traditional/collectivistic contexts: in the Filipino sample, music in families related directly to more positive emotional experiences, while in Kenya music in families contributed to family cohesion which in turn supports more positive emotional well-being.