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How to Create a Modern CV For 2022?

Crafting a good curriculum vitae (CV) should be your primary job to pursue to land a dream job. Below are useful tips to improve your CV and make it highly effective.

 Use an online CV tool that helps you with your CV

 There are websites that provide templates for cutting-edge CVs. You just have to choose the right template for you, based on your profile, personality and your job position sought. There are CV building softwares that take you through the simple software that calculates your CV. Some programs are free and require little effort. Others need a couple of hours of work or more with specific software that requires graphic skills. Ask someone to show you some good templates and you’ll be done in no time. For example, you can use this online cv builder to create you CV.

Choose a modern CV font

One first step is choosing the right font for your curriculum vitae. Whatever your position or the field you are studying in, clarity remains essential. Do not use fancy or creative fonts. These fonts can be used for other basic communication technologies, e.g. on the Web. Avoid fonts that are too whimsical or artistic, which are reserved for business portraits and printed or TV applications. Choose a neutral and “modern” font for your CV. It will help you stand out and make it easier for your reader to quickly scan your curriculum vitae for suitability. You may also play with two different fonts, one for titles and the other for the body text. This will allow you to optimize for the CV online with the reader following the reading direction, whereas if the recruiter had to read it diagonally, it will be easier to read the separate sections with Hei, Scan Vi from top to bottom!

Use a modern colour scheme

The colours on your resume should be conservative and dignified: A robust and modern layout makes a positive impact when advertising your skills. However, our recommendation is to not exceed 3 colours in your CV. Furthermore, many CVs and resumes are printed in black and white before being read, so do not bet everything on colour. If you are attempting to create a contemporary or modern CV, go for pastel tones. This connects with your over-all career objective or professional indication, and is also more suitable for executive or managerial positions. Similarly, use colored backgrounds to create relief to parts of the resume: columns, footers, etc