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Local producer Jemaine Roberts said the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) decision of playing 90{68ab7ef761c65eeb270870388ae9314cf530c873df1132f4e380a5e76222688c} local content will give musicians an opportunity to make a living creating music. I also have a round table discussion between the girls and students at the University of Texas San Antonio about Latinas and the music industry. And that is where you come in. If you have a spare section of your garage, or even a spare bedroom, you can literally create a home studio of your own, one that could be generating cash for you in as little as 30 days.local music

Sloss Music & Arts Festival is a two-day music and lifestyle event that takes place at Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark in Birmingham, Alabama. This should also be used to bring back our heritage through music, which is something that was long overshadowed by Western music.

My first introduction to them was only about 3 years ago, when they performed at Tremont Music Hall, here in Charlotte, for their 30th anniversary show. Since I have not been writing regularly about the music scene this winter, I should start by pointing out one of the most impressive local bands I’ve encountered in recent months.

One of several vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the area (Harrison Street CafĂ© and Panda Veg are two others), it is also host to an emerging indie, folk-punk scene of edgy acoustic guitarists. There are local festivals of which Ortigueira ‘s Festival del Mundo Celta is especially important.

When we launched we created a great resource for finding new bands and checking out the Columbus music scene. My favorite example of local musician turned superstar is Matthew Bellamy of Muse. I’m disappointed in the IFPI for connoting (while not overtly expressing) that local musicians are suffering due to music piracy, while the decline can likely be attributed to a problem common to all industries today.