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In the US, the 1990s was the decade of grrl power” as third-wave feminists renewed the movement through cultural expression, and particularly musical expression, of women’s identities. The 8×10 has an organic feel and they stay true to their roots by bringing in as many new local and regional jam bands they can find. Each musician has the opportunity to enjoy working together in a group to collectively make music that is meaningful for each other.

By the time The Naked Eyes finished their set the room was not only full of people, but almost half of them were dancing to the local indie rock. I’ve put the word out about the library’s local music collection and I’m hoping this will result in an uptick in our donations of local music CDs.

You have to remember back in those days music was the most important thing in our lives and we could listen to Pop, Hard Rock, R&B, Soul, Blues, Jazz, and Country. This line up posed a mind bending challenge for sound engineers – tape music and video, live jazz bands, ear-bleeding shoegaze and can-hear-a-pin-drop improv.

Loyalty programs to encourage repeat purchases are also a way to build a local following. All of the carnival atmosphere, 4H judging and rodeo events that are found at the typical state fair are to be found at Expo New Mexico. They do publish about events in the area so this is a good place to promote your next show in Maryland.local music

Keep them coming folks, and keep an eye out on the new shelf for a never ending flow of local music to sample. I would test out the flute you want at a local music store and then look online for a company with the same model. This blog publishes very frequently (a few times a day sometimes) about bands and local musicians in the D.C. area.