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You may have heard an increasing amount of talk and discussion in the last few years about the ‘bearing edges’ on a drum. Powerful MIDI mapping controls for configuring Drum Direktor to behave exactly the way you want to work with your existing MIDI controllers. So, with drum pad silencers, you can rock out on your drum set at any time of the day that you wish without disturbing the peace of anyone.

Drummers often set up their own drum hardware onstage and adjust to their own comfort level. For use in a drum kit, they may be fitted with a metal drum head and played with care, or played by hand. It can be hard to explain, but sometimes playing the drums can be the only way to really, truly express the way you feel.

In live sound applications, drum shields are used so that the audio engineer can have more control over the volume of drums that the audience hears through the PA system mix and/or to reduce the overall volume of the drums, as a way to reduce the overall volume of the band in the venue.

It’s easier to find the first point of resistance if you use a drum key as opposed to your fingers. A final trick to add punch to the overall drum kit is to send all of the individual tracks to a stereo sub mix and place a limiter like the Waves L1 on that stereo auxiliary track.

In addition to being used for those purposes, drums can be used in music therapy. Pulling a cord or shifting a peg to stretch the head can adjust the pitch of a drum. The good news is when you are just learning how to play drums, you do not need to run out and buy the most expensive drum set you can find.