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Best Apps For Art Lovers

Art lover? Smartphone user? Course you are. Then you need to know the best apps for you to get the most out of what you love to do.

From virtual tours of the worlds best museums to ways to come together and meet other art lovers just like you, there is a smartphone app that’s going to have you hooked.

Let’s not forget though, that you can take a look for yourself at what others are saying about these apps and much more by checking out before you try.

The best art app reviews can be found online, and we’re going to run through a selection of the best apps out there for art lovers.


First up has to be WikiArt. It’s an online collection of fine art. In your hand. WikiArt contains thousands of artists and over one hundred thousand pieces of artwork from all over the world.

WikiArt lets you browse through their database of art and get information, view the art work and find out more about the piece that you’ve selected.

Musée du Louvre

If you love the Louvre, even if you’ve only been once, then this is the app for you. Keep up to date with every new exhibition, and view the artwork of the world’s most famous museum of art in fantastic high definition.

This one really is a fantastic opportunity and not one to be missed.

Art Set

If you’re more than just an art buff, but are actually a budding artist, then Art Set may well be just the app for you. Explore your creative side with a set of brushes, pencils and colors that will allow you to create on your phone or tablet whenever and wherever you are.


Do you want to buy a piece of art for your house, office or client? If so, then Finestra is the app for you. FInestra will put you in contact with local artists. Artists in your area who are creating amazing works of art. What better way to give back to the art culture than to support local artists.


Like the app for the Louvre, the MoMa app puts you in the galler. Browse through the world’s foremost modern art gallery and get a glimpse of the stunning modern masterpieces right there on your phone.

Save you favorite images and share them with friends. Keep up to date with what’s happening at the museum, and you’ll never be at a loss for something to do ever again.

There’s An App For Everything

You know what they say. There really is an app for everything. You’re sure to find something that suits your likes and passions.

Have a search for the museums in your area. Chances are that one of them is going to have an app that will bring the magic of the gallery closer to you. Take the art you love everywhere you go, and keep up to date with every exhibition.